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Two years of consistent health care

This program is for you for whom it is important to stay healthy and live in harmony. As part of the initial consultation with the main physician of the clinic, MUDr. Štefania Ebenová, Ph.D. we will focus on holistic Chinese diagnostics and with physiotherapist Bára Třeštíková on a comprehensive examination of the musculoskeletal system with regard to your workload. Based on the findings, we will design individually made prevention program.

The program can include all TCM methods (acupuncture and associated techniques such as moxibustion, cupping; phytotherapy - we recommend suitable herbal preparations or food supplements and dietetics). Other components may include various types of massages, mobilization and taping for acute and chronic movement problems and painful conditions, compensatory medical exercises or medical Qi Gong, or the compilation of an exercise plan at home. If we find that it is appropriate to open and treat the psyche as well, we will offer a consultation with our psychotherapist Petra Menclová.

In short: our therapists combine many techniques that multiply the effects and help restore health faster. The technicians will consult and plan with you.

We know that each method has its limits and limitations, so if we find that there is a need for further expansion of diagnostics or treatment into the field of modern medicine - we will draw your attention to it and recommend further action. But you can also take it from the other side: you have just undergone a preventive examination or a comprehensive examination using modern medicine methods, which always reveal changes that are measurable or visualizable - but you want to be sure that everything is fine at the energy and functional level . Then our program is ideal for you. And if you are already our clients, you can dedicate this program to your loved ones or recommend it to your friends. After all, health is the ground on which you can then build and draw from it - just live well and for a long time…

To give an example: Your lady (girlfriend, sister, friend) is taking care of a small baby. She sleeps poorly, is still tired and exhausted from getting up at night and breastfeeding, digestion is also not optimal, she has been suffering from an unpleasant watery cold since pregnancy. The baby is growing well and her back hurts more and more. But why does it hurt? Is it more of a "mechanical" issue or is the problem more about depletion of the organism? And is it necessary to work more on replenishing energy, strengthening internal organs or is it enough to adjust the regime measures and diet and exercise appropriately for 15 minutes a day? We can give you a clear answer to that.


What does the Meridian Prevention Program look like?

At the beginning, you will attend an introductory meeting lasting 2 hours, then discuss, online or by phone with MUDr. Ebenová, designed plan for consultations and therapies.

Then you come to the Meridian Clinic min. once in three months for the so-called seasonal examination, where we will prepare you for the coming season. If, after the introductory meeting, we agree on the need for further therapies, we will schedule dates with you.

The Meridian prevention program includes:

  • introductory meeting lasting 2 hours
  • 10 hour blocks, which you can use according to the recommendations of MUDr. Ebenová and your current needs (seasonal examinations, massages, acupuncture, exercises, consultations, physiotherapy, etc.)



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