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Can you imagine what it is like to have your body, breath and mind under full control?

You stand calmly and comfortably in the Wuji position. Knees gently bent, pelvic set, back and shoulders straight, head straight and weight on the middle part of feet. Palms open, a smile on your lips.
You are fully aware of every part of your body. You do not feel tension or pain anywhere. You know that energy flows smoothly, that everything is as it should be. You inhale and exhale without any effort.
Your energy center under your belly button resonates with the Energy of the Earth with each breath and at the same time “sucks” the Energy of Heaven.

Thus the Three powers are connected: Heaven, Earth and Human – so you can draw infinite Energy from Mother Nature indefinitely. For example – from a bright summer morning.


The therapist will make exercises just for you – where you can influence specific organs and meridians and thus the symptoms of the illness.

Qi Gong is a powerful tool in preventing and maintaining health and vitality throughout life. Just 15 minutes a day.
You can exercise alone, with us in a group or individually with our experienced therapist.

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