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We love touch.. Perhaps from childhood
We already perceive it as pleasant.
Even more, when something bothers us, hurts us or when we are tense.
We know that a healing touch will help.

What is important about a massage?

  • Comfort – you lie comfortably..
  • Relaxation – because you have the trust
  • Strength and softness – just right, no “Persistent pain” so that new blocks are not formed, but not just only “stroking”
  • The correct procedure and knowledge of the places to focus on

What to expect?

  • Health / relaxation massage (Classic massage strokes, reflex release of blockages, guided mobilization, cupping and taping)
  • Lymphatic massage (unblocking of lymphatic pathways during water retention, swelling and cellulite)
  • Health exercises / physiotherapy, individual and collective (Compensatory exercises for problems with musculoskeletal system – after injuries, incorrect movement, compilation of an exercise plan


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