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Hair-thin needles,
scent of moxa and essences,
heated flasks,
small magnets and seeds.

You are lying comfortably in a pleasant, safe environment and you are being treated...
The touches are gentle, the needles are disposable and sterile. The heat of moxa, pleasant music or soothing silence, little somniferous…

Are you worried it might hurt?

You may feel pressure, puncture, mild pain or maybe a small shock.
Just for a second – and it will go away. Then, while relaxing, you no longer feel any pain.
The fact that nothing hurts is proof that Qi – Energy flows freely and the needle is doing its job, ie it regulates the flow of Qi in MERIDIANS as needed.


When energy flows, organs and tissues are nourished, pain disappears and we feel fresh, strong and full of life.
The needles are the basis for maintaining health – the therapist will recommend the optimal frequency of preventive visits.

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