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Meridian Clinic

We approach human life and health holistically - we integrate traditional Chinese medicine with psychotherapy and physiotherapy.
We provide extensive holistic diagnostics, which is the basis for individually tailored treatment or prevention. Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient teaching that is still alive and able to help today's modern human. This expands and complements standard Western-type health care.
Traditional Chinese medicine at the clinic is supervised by MUDr. Štefánia Ebenová, Ph.D., a doctor with experience in the fields of vascular and cardiovascular surgery, a lecturer at the TCM Institute and a member of the Board of the TCM Chamber.
The name of the clinic, Meridian, is based on a connection of pathways through which the human body is "interwoven" and which are referred to in Chinese medicine as meridians.

You may be thinking…

Could an inefficient health care system survive for millennia?

Would many universities not only in China but around the world, including North America, Australia and Western Europe, incorporate into their teaching a field that does not meet the requirements of today's person? What about the thousands of professors, their students and millions (up to billions) of satisfied patients?

Come and try a different perspective on your health. We look forward to you…

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